Crew Photo Contest

A Glance of Life at Sea — Crew Photo Contest

This year we are delighted to organize the first-time ever crew photo competition with the theme “Working Life @ Sea”. Among the overwhelming 248 photos by our crew from all around the world, we are delighted to share with you some of their masterpieces chosen by management and office teammates.

This picture takes in near Australia. This is the best sunset I never seen that before. When I finished my dinner and ready to go outside for walking, I seen an amazing sunset in the sky. I quickly take my camera to take it and make a call to other crews enjoy it together. Sunset means one day of our work is finished, the new sun will come tomorrow as our life is same. By Alex Tang, Hong Kong Spirit.
In open sea, a lot of birds will take a rest in our ship. The may be stay on our ship a few days or few weeks. One day when I finished my deck work, I saw a group of bird are staying in the hatch cover and take a rest. They are very cute and lovely. After a few days, my bosun told me because the birds make our hatch cover very dirty, so I need to clean it. The birds give me a big trouble but there are very cute so I forget the angry of them. By Alex Tang, Hong Kong Spirit.
Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are. In the open sea if there are no any light and flash, we can see full stars in the sky. The sky is very amazing and unfathomable. I will not forget this moment in my life. By Alex Tang, Hong Kong Spirit.
When our ship near the equator, the weather become very hot and dry. Luckily our ship has a small swimming pool. Thanks to our ship company to build this ship for crew members to enjoy their seaman life. In this picture you can see that our members are playing in the swimming pool and they are enjoying the swimming very much. By Alex Tang, Hong Kong Spirit.
No need to describe “A Sunset at Sea”. It itself is a Brand of Beauty By Zahir Ulalam, Hong Kong Spirit
After a long voyage of 35 days, heading towards Qing Dao port for discharging. The weather was so good that it felt like the weather was welcoming us in that port!!! By Zahir Ulalam, Hong Kong Spirit
We are Navigators; Accuracy and Perfection is our quality By Zahir Ulalam, Hong Kong Spirit
Whenever I feel alone, I look at the Sun or the Moon and realize that they are also alone but they shine brighter than anything else. The beauty of a “Moonlit Night at Sea” can’t be described in words. I feel proud and lucky for being a Seafarer. By Zahir Ulalam, Hong Kong Spirit
Can’t resist myself to take this picture. We were crossing the Sakurajima Volcano. It is an active volcano in Japan… By Zahir Ulalam, Hong Kong Spirit
Other Crew Photos
Comfort Shelter
By Kang Wei, African Venture
Blue is only one colour
By Kang Wei, African Venture
Warm Sunshine & Easy Noon Nap
By Kang Wei, African Ventur
Aloft dancer
By Kang Wei, African Venture
Ocean Venture
The Ship Under the Sunset
By Wang Haifeng, Pilatus Venture
White Cloud and Sky
By Wang Jie, Pilatus Venture
This photo was taken by me at Somalia basin during anti-piracy drill. One unique thing about this photo is varsity. This photo shows how people on the ship works with other nationality, religion, breed, race etc. It teaches the narrow-minded people of the world to not fight for stupid things. Another aspect of the photo shows how my colleagues are punctual, hard working for the safety of life at sea which reminds me of the company slogan. THINK SAFE BE SAFE… RETURN SAFE!
By Wang Fu Kun, Starlight Venture
In these photos, ship’s funnel and ship’s sides are painted by the crews. This photo show how the work aloft is done keeping in mind of the safety first using the proper protective equipment like helmet, safety harness, safety belt etc. This picture also shows how teamwork is done in a professional way which creates a good working environment & binds the crew with each other. This photo also tells how safety is most important and in the last I would only say that “If a person is safe, ship is safe -If ship is safe, cargo is safe and if the cargo is safe environment is safe.”
By Chu Xu, Starlight Venture