Event HighlightsTeam Building Week

Employee Engagement is undoubtedly a key in Wah Kwong spirit, and Team Building Week is proudly presented as our signature tradition which sharpens our corporate culture at its optimum.

1-2-3 Cheers

To enhance communication among our onshore and offshore teams, each year we organize at least 2 conferences in our training centre in Qingdao for senior deck officers and office staff to exchange their views. Crew members also have training sessions covering key maritime areas such as insurance and security issues to keep updated with latest industry requirements.

Event HighlightsWah Kwong and Community

Together with our vision “Proud of Our Past, Committed to Our Future”, Wah Kwong not only continues its devotion in the continuous development of people, we are also extending our contributions to a broader sphere by cultivating good Corporate Social Responsibility to our local community as well as the maritime circle. Aiming at encouraging and bringing the collaborative efforts of our people in realizing the fundamental core values of Corporate Social Responsibility in the aspects of “Care to the Community”, “Care to the Employees” and “Care to the Environment”, Wah Kwong actively promotes strategic partnership with different NGOs to work out our programmes both at sea and onshore without geographical limitations. These programmes truly strengthen the solid foundation for our corporate culture and pave the right direction for our further commitment to our “Future”!

OneSky – Changzhou Charity Programme

Without geographical limitations, Wah Kwong is pleased to extend our love and care abroad by supporting OneSky, a charity organization that rescues and nurtures orphans in mainland China. Despite the donation we offered, Wah Kwong representatives also showed our physical support by visiting their Social Welfare Institution in Changzhou in 2016, realizing a real “home” they built for the left-behind children in China.

Hong Kong Culture Festival

Wah Kwong upholds not just our own heritage but also the intangible cultural heritage of Hong Kong. We have been supporting Hong Kong Culture Festival, organized by Intangible Cultural Heritage Earthpulse Society and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) with cultural organizations, universities and local communities, to offer a rich array of programmes in celebration of Hong Kong’s culture heritage.

Produce Green Foundation
– Organic Crops Sharing Events
Team Wah Kwong planting yam beans

It is always blessed to give than to receive. In the past 3 years, we have joined the Organic Crops Sharing Events organized by the Produce Green Foundation to enjoy the happiness of helping people and organic farming fun at the same time! We have planted sweet potato, roselle and yam bean with good harvest, which were donated to the lower rank of the community – a meaningful and invaluable farming experience engaging our people and the community as a whole.

Our most important asset is our people.