Wah Kwong Values Our People,
Our People Value Our Culture

Wah Kwong values our people and adopts a “People-First” philosophy. With a strong commitment to developing our people, Wah Kwong has been nurturing talents both ashore and on board across several generations. We take pride in Great People and Great Culture, which are truly invaluable assets.

Supporting Employee Career Path

Continuous People Development is one of the key elements in our culture and we strive to nurture professionals for the maritime industry. With such belief in mind, Wah Kwong is known for a long-established shipowner and ship manager that equips crew members with professional training and opportunities along their career path from cadet to chief officers. In recent years we even set up training centres in Weihai and Qingdao in Shandong Province dedicated to crew training, in particular for tanker crew.

Annual Internship Programme

Wah Kwong has been dedicating to including younger generations to the maritime industry. With such vision, since 2014 we have been holding a 2-month internship programme every summer, supported by Maritime and Aviation Training Fund (MATF), to offer students opportunities to work with shipping professionals from our various departments so that young people gain not only a better understanding of the local maritime industry but also a sense of satisfaction from being in it.

Capt. W.L. Hung (centre), General Manager of Ship Management Department and Mr. Sah Hare Ram (left), Fleet Director visiting facilities at the JV training centre
Superintendent Development Programme and Cadetship Programme

To cultivate a pool of professional maritime talents, Wah Kwong is launching the Superintendent Development Programme. Through a regular selection mechanism, potential senior seamen will be chosen to receive on-job training at our Qingdao centre as office superintendents so that our offshore team members would have the opportunity to work onshore. Moreover, our cadetship programme makes sure to include at least 2 cadets on each of our ships to introduce fresh blood while nurturing a group of mariners with a strong sense of loyalty.

On 24th October, 2017, Wah Kwong, Shandong Jiaotong University and Chinasun Marine Service Group Ltd. jointly set up a JV training centre in Weihai, Shandong to provide training for nurturing professional tanker crew. (Front row) Mr. Sah Hare Ram (4th from left), Fleet Director, Wah Kwong, Capt. X.X. Zhang (6th from left), Deputy General Manager of Ship Management, Capt. J.F. Zhou (7th from left), Chief Operating Officer; Capt. W.L. Hung (8th from left), General Manager of Ship Management; Mr. Jiang Huaping (5th from right), Deputy Director, Shandong Jiaotong University; Mr. Liu Qingbo (4th from right), Deputy Director of Weihai campus; Mr. Li Guangzheng (2nd from right), President of the Institute of Navigation.